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*** Please Read: Since starting this remail service in January of 2004, several similar websites have popped up on the internet claiming to provide the same services and even illegally copying my website content word-for-word just to make a dollar. TexasRemail.com is THE original website providing this service daily for people who truly want to remain anonymous. I take confidentiality very seriously which is what prompted me to create this business over 11 years ago. To my regular customers: thank you for your loyalty and continuing to use my service throughout the years. To my new and future customers: thank you for trying my service and please use it with confidence and piece of mind. If you don't need us today, rest assured we'll still be here tomorrow! ***

If you enclosed a Confirmation Number and the additional $1.00 Confirmation Fee for your letter(s) to be remailed, your confirmation will be listed below. This table only displays confirmation numbers for the last 30 days. If you don't see your number here yet, click your browser's "Refresh" button to be sure you are viewing the most up-to-date information. Confirmation for letters mailed is posted within 24 hours of receipt and remail.

Confirmation Number Date Received Date Remailed
AABBCC-2 07/07/20 07/08/20
AABBCC-1 07/07/20 07/08/20
840049 06/30/20 06/30/20
SQRRT7-2 06/30/20 Cancelled
SQRRT7-1 06/30/20 Cancelled
NoConf-2 06/29/20 Cancelled
NoConf-1 06/29/20 Cancelled
A44523 06/29/20 06/29/20
2829218 06/15/20 06/15/20
Bazook-3 06/11/20 Cancelled
Bazook-2 06/11/20 Cancelled
Bazook-1 06/11/20 Cancelled
121152 06/08/20 06/08/20
SandyB-2 05/26/20 Cancelled
SandyB-1 05/26/20 Cancelled
KmoonL-3 05/24/20 Cancelled
KmoonL-2 05/24/20 Cancelled
KmoonL-1 05/24/20 Cancelled
KJill-2 05/23/20 Cancelled
KJill-1 05/23/20 06/08/20
dandy-4 05/18/20 Cancelled
dandy-3 05/18/20 Cancelled
dandy-2 05/18/20 Cancelled
dandy-1 05/18/20 Cancelled
rover-2 05/18/20 Cancelled
rover-1 05/18/20 Cancelled
AUSTIN 05/19/20 05/19/20
NoConf#-2 05/16/20 Cancelled
NoConf#-1 05/16/20 Cancelled
RedDDD-2 05/05/20 Cancelled
RedDDD-1 05/05/20 Cancelled
Susan6-2 04/27/20 06/22/20
Susan6-1 04/27/20 06/15/20
hotall-2 04/27/20 Cancelled
hotall-1 04/27/20 Cancelled
NEEDSU-4 04/23/20 Cancelled
NEEDSU-3 04/23/20 Cancelled
NEEDSU-2 04/23/20 Cancelled
NEEDSU-1 04/23/20 Cancelled
Bubbar-2 04/23/20 05/25/20
Bubbar-1 04/23/20 05/18/20
MBMBMB-2 04/22/20 Cancelled
MBMBMB-1 04/22/20 Cancelled
happy-2 09/03/19 Cancelled
Tarzan-2 00/00/00 Cancelled
Joker7-2 00/00/00 Cancelled


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