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*** Please Read: Since starting this remail service in January of 2004, several similar websites have popped up on the internet claiming to provide the same services and even illegally copying my website content word-for-word just to make a dollar. TexasRemail.com is THE original website providing this service daily for people who truly want to remain anonymous. I take confidentiality very seriously which is what prompted me to create this business over 11 years ago. To my regular customers: thank you for your loyalty and continuing to use my service throughout the years. To my new and future customers: thank you for trying my service and please use it with confidence and piece of mind. If you don't need us today, rest assured we'll still be here tomorrow! ***

How It Works

Make it simple by printing and using our Remail Form!

Mailing Services

Service Type Description Price
Basic Mailing We remail the "ready to mail" item(s) you send us. Your item(s) will be mailed and postmarked from Liberty Hill, Texas, and they will be mailed the same day they are received. Make sure your items are addressed and have the proper postage affixed unless you are purchasing these additional services below.
  • $2.00 for each Letter

  • $5.00 for each Package (weighing over 6oz)
  • Delayed Mailing We remail the "ready to mail" item(s) you send us however, you specify the date of the requested mailing (up to 6 months in the future). We hold your item and mail it on the date you requested. Make sure your items are addressed and have the proper postage affixed unless you are purchasing these additional services below.
  • $2.00 for each Letter

  • $5.00 for each Package (weighing between 6oz and 13oz)

  • Additional Services

    Service Type Description Price
    Hand Addressing
    Would you like us to hand address the envelope for you? On a separate piece of paper, include the name and address of the recipient of your item. We will hand address the item for you. If you have more than one item, carefully attach a note to each item to be hand addressed. + $1.00 per item
    Letter Writing
    Would you like us to re-write a letter for you in our handwriting? Enclose your letter and we will write it for you. Please specify whether you'd like us to use male or female handwriting. + $.10 per word
    Postage Stamping
    Would you like us to purchase and affix the postage stamps to the items for you? Include $1.00 plus the cost of postage for each item. We will purchase and affix postage to the item(s) for you. + $1.00 per item
    + Cost of Postage
    Remail from
    Different City
    For an additional trip charge, we can remail from one of 7 surrounding cities. Email me for a list of cities from which to choose. Fee is per trip, not per item. + $20.00 per trip
    Online Confirmation
    Do you want to know when we received your item and mailed it? Simply enclose a note with your item(s) giving us a 6-digit number of your choosing. Then, a few days after you send us the package, just check our Confirmation page. We post your chosen confirmation number and the date we received/mailed your item(s). This ensures you remain completely anonymous. + $1.00
    per confirmation number (one confirmation number will reference all items in your package)

    Pricing Example

    Pricing Example:  You send us a package that contains 2 items for remailing (1 letter for Basic Mailing, 1 letter for Delayed Mailing). You would like us to hand-address both items for you and you would like see Online Confirmation too. In your package to us you would include a 6-digit confirmation number of your choosing and your total fee would be $7.00 ($2.00 for 1 letter for Basic Mailing, $2.00 for 1 letter for Delayed Mailing, $2.00 for hand addressing of 2 letters, $1.00 for Online Confirmation).

    Preparing Your Items for Remailing

    Step 1: We accept letters, postcards, envelopes, and packages weighing under 5 Pounds (this allows one package to include multiple letters for remailing). The individual items being remailed cannot weigh over 13 ounces each. Prepare your items for mailing by addressing, sealing, and putting the proper postage on it. It should be completely ready for us to mail unless you have purchased additional services to have your items hand addressed or stamped. If you wish to remain anonymous, your items to be mailed should not have a return address on it. A good practice is to use the recipient's address as the return address.

    Step 2: Put your items to be mailed in a new mailing envelope and enclose $2.00 for each letter or $5.00 for each package weighing between 6 and 13 ounces that you would like to have us mail. Enclose instructions with your items if you would like Delayed Mailing or other additional services.

    Step 3: If you would like us to hand address it for you, enclose on a separate sheet of paper the address to be written and $1.00 fee for each item to be hand addressed. If you would like to use our Confirmation Service, enclose a 6-digit number of your choosing and an additional $1.00 fee. Make sure your items have the proper postage affixed unless you are purchasing the Postage Stamping Service.

    Step 4: Send the complete package to:

    A. Hughes
    P.O. Box 243
    Liberty Hill, Texas 78642


    Payment of remailing fees (and optional additional services fees) must be included in your package or paid in advance. Fees must be paid in cash, money order, or through PayPal (no personal checks). If you prefer to send a money order, please make it payable to Adrienne Hughes or leave it blank. Our PayPal email address is questions@TexasRemail.com.

    Our Process, Your Privacy

    When we receive your package, we open the outside envelope, remove our fee, and mail your item(s) the very same day. If a confirmation number and additional $1.00 fee is enclosed, we post that number on our Confirmation page with the date we received and mailed the items. No other information is retained and no mailing records of any kind are kept. We throw everything else away. If your items do not have proper postage affixed or if you do not include the proper remailing fee, your item will not be remailed.

    Important Information

    • Each individual item you would like me to remail must not weigh more than 13 ounces.

    • Only packages addressed to us weighing less than 5 Pounds will be accepted. This allows you to put multiple items in one pakage to us.

    • We will not send registered letters or letters requiring return receipt on your behalf.

    • The only mark of any kind added to your letter or postcard is the Postmaster's postmark.

    • There are no warranties or refunds of any kind offered, inferred, or implied.

    • We check our post office box daily (except Sundays) and remail your items the same day (Unless you are requesting our Delayed Mailing service).

    • Your item(s) will be mailed and officially postmarked from Liberty Hill, Texas.

    • If you enclosed a $1.00 Confirmation fee and 6-digit number, it will be posted on our website within 24 hours of us mailing your items. If you have requested that any of your items be mailed on a specific date (Delayed Mailing Service), we will still post your 6-digit confirmation number showing that we received the item however, the "Date Mailed" column will read "Delayed" until the day it is sent.

    • By using our service, you agree to our request that all contents must be deemed legal in the U.S. and to the recipient country. It is a crime to send threatening letters or illegal matter. Please do not use this service for these types of mailings! We provide a dependable and ethical remailing service.

    All content on this web site was created and is owned by Texas Remail Service, 2004-2021.