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*** Please Read: Since starting this remail service in January of 2004, several similar websites have popped up on the internet claiming to provide the same services and even illegally copying my website content word-for-word just to make a dollar. TexasRemail.com is THE original website providing this service daily for people who truly want to remain anonymous. I take confidentiality very seriously which is what prompted me to create this business over 11 years ago. To my regular customers: thank you for your loyalty and continuing to use my service throughout the years. To my new and future customers: thank you for trying my service and please use it with confidence and piece of mind. If you don't need us today, rest assured we'll still be here tomorrow! ***

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you postmark from other cities?

Yes, for a $20 trip charge in addition to the regular remail fees, we will mail your items(s) from a different city. Please email me for a list of the 7 surrounding cities from which you may choose. We do not remail from outside of Texas.

Will you hand write a letter for me?

Yes, the fee for hand-written letters is .10 per word in addition to the regular remailing fees. Just send us your typed or written letter for us to re-write for you.

Can you hand write an address or letter in different handwriting?

Yes, when paying for a hand written service, by default the handwriting is done by a female. You can specify male or female handwriting at no additional charge.

Can you remail something for me with Delivery Confirmation?

Yes, the best way to do this is to affix a green and white Delivery Confirmation slip (you can get these at the post office) to your item. Be sure you are adding enough postage to the item to cover the cost of Delivery Confirmation. Make a note of the Delivery Confirmation number so you can check for delivery of the item on the USPS.com website. I do not keep a record of Delivery Confirmation numbers so be sure you've noted it yourself.

Can you remail something for me using Priority Mail?

Yes, just be sure to affix (or include) enough postage for your item to be sent via Priority Mail.

Can you send a certified or registered letter for me?

I do not send any items that require a return signature. If you would like to make sure they received it, your best option is to use the Delivery Confirmation service detailed above.

I sent you something for remail but I've changed my mind! Can I stop the remail?

Yes, as soon as you determine that the remail should not be sent, email me immediately at questions@texasremail.com. I check email every morning before going to the post office. You will need to provide me with either the confirmation number (if you used one) or, the full name and address of the recipient(s). I will then either destroy the items for you, or I can arrange to send them back to you (an additional fee may apply).

For delayed mailing of an item, what is the maximum length of time I can request?

When you send an item to me for delayed mailing, the "to be mailed" date that you specify needs to be within the next 6 months.

How is your service "anonymous" if I visit your website? Can't you find me through my computer's IP address?

I don't capture any kind of metrics that details the IP address of website visitors. I've had my website since 2004 so having been established for the last 6 years, I am sure I have hundreds of visitors each week. Obviously, not every website visitor sends an item to be remailed so I'm not sure how I would ever link website visitors to actual remails. That's virtually impossible to do (even if I cared to do so). I don't keep records nor do I have time to try and track remails. I provide a confidential service for those who need it so I am not interested in tracking people or website visitors.

How do I know how much postage to put on my item to be remailed?

You need to know the weight of the item you are remailing. You can use the postage calculator on the usps.com website. For the "From Zip Code" use 78642.

Do I have to use your Remail Form when sending my items to you for remail?

Use of the form is strictly optional. The form is just there to help you calculate your fees based on the services you select. Many of my customers don't include any note at all. They just put their item and remail fee in the envelope and send it to me.

I have a new online friend who I'd like to send something however, neither of us feels comfortable giving out our address to each other just yet. Can you act as the intermediary?

Yes, here's how that works...

Joe wants to mail a package to Jane...

Joe sends me the package and remail fees (including the hand-writing address fee, etc.) along with a note that says "please send to 'Jane' who will be sending you her mailing address information separately". Then, Jane either emails me or sends me via regular mail their address with a note "Please send package for Jane to the following address".

Under no circumstances will I reveal the address to which the package was sent so any attempt to get that information will be unsuccessful. I do not keep records after a package has been remailed.

Can you remail my item to a location outside of the U.S.?

I can only mail regular letters weighing less than 1 ounce to locations outside of the United states. I cannot send anything that requires a customs form.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept concealed cash (cash folded inside a sheet of paper - no coins please) or money orders (made payable to "Adrienne Hughes"). I do not accept personal checks.

If you have any other questions at all, please email us at questions@texasremail.com.

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